Symfony Development

Symfony is a web application framework written in PHP which follows the model view controller (MVC) paradigm.

Symfony has been widely acclaimed by PHP developers for best coding practices support, ease of use for a programmer and high performance for an end-user. Today Symfony framework (distributed under MIT license) is one of the preferred web development technologies for many professional PHP programmers.

Symfony architecture is fast, easy to learn, flexibility, High Performance, Advanced Usability, Extensible, Full-Featured and more easily maintainable. By using symphony you will get all features of open source development.

Symfony is very well suited for building applications in the enterprise context. With configuration controls over libraries and databases, extensive debug and documentation tools, and ability to play with various relational databases, it is an excellent choice to build the most complex of web applications. Symfony has a lot of useful and lively developed plugins. For example, a plugin for Twitter, Facebook or a plugin for user authorization.

Services provided for Symfony development:

  • Symfony web development
  • Symfony website customization
  • Symfony website SEO
  • Symfony security consulting
  • Symfony unit testing and click-through testing
  • Migrating your project to Symfony
  • Symfony consulting and training